ES Monday 6-13-16

Only two things to say about today

1) We failed to print the overnight midpoint on Friday so good odds it will happen today and

2) weakness on Friday spills over to monday early on quite often

a gap open lower may negate that but I'll be using the two ideas together in the RTH if we open under the midpoint and drive down a bit then I will look for buys...if we open above the midpoint and move up first then I will look for sells ( This is my preferred plan as the weakness from Friday could help push us back down)

2073- 2074 is key downside zone and 2085 - 2087 is key upside 79 splits that up and makes a good magnet...I expect price to possible pass through that multiple times this morning........nuff said good luck today
30 min VPOC at 82. tough start this morning