ES 7-18-16

I'm looking for 57 to be tested in day session and hopefully early...main concern is that we have gaps on all sources of data when Turkey News came out on Friday at 2151.25 and I also think that will be filled in today too.........for me I want to see 54 hold in order to get the 57 but if we start to show signs of failure ESPECIALLY if we have already printed the 57 then it will probably be a good idea to get short for the 51 - 52 fill in....... ....61 and 47 - 48 are also key areas for me but probably will not be trading when they print..

make sure u read big mikes comments from 7-13-16 on the OR and let me add that you can use Raschke's 15 minute breadth and $tick ideas on breaks from the 15 minute range if you are looking for bigger moves
to me there was only one trade to make in RTH and that was selling the OR low after the 57 became resistence and try to hold to see if you can get into that 51 - 52 low time spot after the close and before official settlement on Friday
most interesting thing to me today is how the 57 switched roles and it became support and the OR low held as that happened...58- 59.50 is the low volume spot now

edit...this is area I think price will need to test back to