ES Monday 7-25-16

.I'll fine tune in the is just fridays profile...been monkeying with Tos and the red arrows are my key areas
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Edit: 843 a.m....the overnight has confirmed the 67 - 68 arrow as an area where price has traded back and forth through once again so a good magnet especially if the midpoint can hold in the same zone before Rth opens. Also the Overnight dropped down to the 64 area arrow my plan would ideally see price weakly push away and hopefully lower from that 67 - 68 and look for longs back to that.

This plan would also incorporate the idea that strength on Friday spills over early into Monday idea...

at a minimum we would want to see that 66.25 swing ( from the overnight) get taken out before trying any long trades...even so we are talking about very small ranges once again with minimal profit targets. It's hard to be patient in low volatility but more it's even more important to be consistent and not change your style.
second campaign average in price is now 61.25 I want to try for 63.25 but also know that 59 area may be in somebody else's plan with more money than me...ruff start and missed my first target by 2 tics earlier
took second loss at 60.75...will try once last time if 59 can print otherwise gonna walk away a net loser for today...if filled will use 61 as first target
I removed the profile from Friday and today and painted ovals so anyone can see how the areas worked and didn't work so far today.....I basically replaced red arrows from first chart with these merely shows how sometimes we only get brief support and how areas can reverse has not been a good day for me so far...a test back into the 61 would make it just ok but I'm not convince they are gonna give us that in early trade now
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Hi Bruce. The trading was wild today. I got in at 61.75 and it went in my direction for one point and gave it back quickly, went against me for two or three ticks and I sold at breakeven. I got out because I could not explain the wild movement where the sellers were dumping and taking it down two ticks at a time every time it wanted to go up. I don't like being in if I can't explain the movement. At the time I went long there was a divergence in the AD line but as you saw it did not hold. Good luck!! hope for better tomorrow.
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