ES 7-29-16

still nothing but a big bracket with 59 - 61 as the key magnet zone....I think today we will need to watch 64-66 on upside in case volume and high $tick readings come in for a breakout or the 54 - 56 on the downside in case low $ticks and high volume come in. otherwise the plan should just be to assume we will stay in the bracket for this week

My goal is to try and get a 61.50 retest in early trade as long as price is in the bracket and call it a day.....that is the peak all session time price for the week

if we open in the 59 - 61 zone then I may try the OR breakout trade to see if I can get the 64 test or the 56 test...this would be aggressive as it is inside value and range and may be prone to whipsaws
Good morning Bruce . Great analysis as i looking for a 55 retest and whipsaw back 66 today. The RR will be effective as I am put a tight stop at 53.50. Again i have to see have the market opens how they react to the gdp report and corporate earnings.