ES 8-3-16

Chart/lines I am using for Wednesdays midpoint test in Tuesdays session,,,I'll refine once I see overnight
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I had a video made but for some reason Jing dropped the sound.....anyway....I sold the OR low to target the POC ( the 47.50 area) but I also wanted to point out how the OR low so far is acting like will get interesting for day traders if we start getting one minute closes and time building up UNDER the 50.50 price
here are how the lines played out today... I can't stress enough to take the money and close down....I've read about people trading all day, calling various projections etc and watching this thing all day ( I too check the market at various times during the market if I happen to be passing by my laptop or I am teaching my kid about magnet prices etc but I am not trading past 11 a.m)....I think it's a suckers game and unless u have another job that requires you to sit here then please, please, please don't trade after your predefined trading time frame.....

so here are Tuesdays lines against wednesdays session...looks like 2053.50 will be the line to watch for tomorrow

Ok, preaching stool is kicked aside and I know I don't make friends by posting these kinds of thoughts....the thing is that I am not here to make friends although it's nice, I just try to pass on things that work for me in the market...perhaps sitting on your ass all day is making you boatloads of money....then more power to ya and keep going but take care of your health too...

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