ES 8-4-16

for me my preference is to use 59.75 as magnet price...other numbers are 64 and 69 on upside and watch 57.50 and 54.25 on downside...this is being written while price is above the 59.75 magnet !!!....
bruce we are opening out of value so my understanding is OR trade is more than likely to work correct?
that is correct...opening out of range AND value works best for a bigger push off the open though
I'm hoping for a push to 57.50 in early trade
if the OR high range can stop any retraces UP now then we will hit down into 54.75 !! explain later for anyone interested
always interested bruce long the rat at 56.25
one cover at 57.25 stop on last at 55.25
most days hit a plus or minus 4 off the open print and we can use the OR range to figure out where that might happen....even in this low I want the munus 4 as an ultimate target....
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always interested bruce long the rat at 56.25
out i am starting to think it better to take one point on the two contracts..always
long at 54.50
sorry Duck....didn't mean to put that as a quote to your long point was that we can use the pitbull numbers as targets too...especially the plus and minus 4 off the opening prnt... the 2.5 number will usually be too close to the OR high or low to make it worth it.but the plus or minus 4 is very viable as a target....the only way they can get to any of those is by taking over the first one minute high or low...the OR....hope that makes sense to somebody
great.... with key areas at 59.50 and 57.50 that area becomes too dangerous in my opinion and we are only 15 minutes away from 11 a.m for me....closing up shop today....we have poor lows and highs today so this could go either way and I have no clue........
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out at 58..low of OR bar