ES 8-12-16

two main things overnight midpoint on my data yesterday so I expect that to print today and keep in mind that today is Friday and Fridays seem to be acting like Monthly option expirations where we have a move in the opposite direction first and then it changes in the first 30 minutes or so.. I think this is due to weekly options gaining in popularity. For me it will be trade to longs side from the 80.25 and 78.25 lines I have on my chart with main goal to be 82.25 - 83 area...another line area on my chart.......I'll watch the OR closely but would prefer to see the PLus 4 hit if we open near 2180....If I think 78 is giving away then I will try to find a short entry as we still have that low time/ single print area at 74.25 that didn't print yesterday

Lets how the OR trades play out today too and see what kind of range we get off the first one minute.

edit : with 2 minutes to go the current midpoint is only around 2181 so we'd need to get trades on at least 2 points under that to make that trade worth it in pre market I think they will probably push overnight lows first today and then reverse back up to eventually get the midpoint and the 82 - 83 area...getting long at 78.50 now
please someone tell me why is it easier to hold onto a loser than a winner? anybody have answer or theory?
deep down we all want to be hopeful least I like to think the world is a more positive place then people make it seem . That's my 2 cent theory for today....

now with an open of 78.75 we know where the plus and minus 4 numbers are and we know our lines can get in the way......another reason to use the earliest target you can to get out on most days , then build account to hold a runner or two through the garbage we see before our eyes now in order to try for more...for me I'm trying for the plus 4 after that midpoint hit and there is no way I could do that as a one contract player...I'm hoping all the time spent up at 83 yesterday will eventually help pull price to the plus 4 ...
I have gap in the data at 2180 with price now at even though I want that plus 4 to hit I am skeptical of this having any real buying power
I just bailed on longs at 82 print ( close enough to my 82.25 - 83 zone and plus 4)....just don't like this and in order to get that extra .75 points to plus 4 target I might see price pull back to the 2180 and it's just not worth it to me...good luck and I hope all have a great weekend....just in time too...It's almost 11 a.m