ES Tuesday 9-13-16

Very creepy that they left these gaps in the data during Mondays session....I don't trust Monday's rally and this is just another reason for bulls to be cautious....gaps that form in the first 90 minutes tend to fill in fast but I have seen a few that take a day or two before the market comes back....unfortunately I have no statistics on the ones that NEVER return and never get filled until many days or weeks later I tend to play these with options if I happen to notice them before days end and have taken a look at the market...... ones that form later in the day are always suspicious to's gaps that didn't get filled in formed well into the afternoon
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I'm leaning towards the 38- 39 retest in day session...other areas are 44, 31-32 zone , 26 and the zone at 21 - 22 , 49 - 50 above too....this would be third day with no overnight midpoint test... a low probability...first area you want to see hold is the 31 - 32 area so if you get a long or a long off OR high then try to get that midpoint but also use 38 - 39 as a target

video explains the rest to those who have time to watch

No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

jing cut me off...must have been babbling too much today
bruce i like your babbling keep up the good work.
the only trade left for me is to see if we can start firming up above 2134.50 now...that is current one minute POC for today, then I may try for midpoint again.......took one trade from the 32 area to the 39 as mentioned and runners obviously failed to get O/N midpoint..some will be trying longs from the 26 - 27 area if we dip that low but I'm gonna pass on that trade area today....gotta be satisfied....good luck and enjoy the rest of the day....keep in mind we may end up with an inside day today so I personally wouldn't wait all day to see a previous days range break.....

be happy that they took out 2 probabilities so far....the overnight low and a floor trader numnber
thanks Duck...appreciate the kind words
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bruce i like your babbling keep up the good work.
now that poc has flipped down to 29.50 then I will take longs if I can see price firm up above that price...but not planning on initiating past 10:30 today and all tries on longside will be smaller.....what makes this a risky trade idea is that the poc is forming today UNDER yesterdays POC....which implies ( it's certainly not perfect) that value is building lower and may continue to do so
gap in the data at 2123 market at 2118 now...just pointing it out in case somebody has a good long signal down here