ES 9-20-16

If you are foolish to be up now and actually trading we have a gap in data at 38.75 which was a low time area and we are hitting into a key area of 42 as I type.....this is the overnight so I plan to play it small

EDIT: The most import numbers upside are 42 and 44 ( a floor trader number)and that 39......then we have 36 and all numbers are 3 -4 points a part so far today......I'm hoping to get a win in Overnight and avoid RTH today is yesterdays time chart so you can see high and low time areas yourself

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they are giving us 42 players a second chance......also note that anyone holding core for gap fill would have been " tortured" for one lousy always best to take most off in front of gap......that's a theme I have mention for years regarding any target...keep in mind we have the 44 area above too
that was like fine art - no words can really describe that....not boasting.....just admiring the order to this market
there over night mid point test..other piece of art..bruce thanks again for posting..
does anybody watch lot size trades? what i have notice is when 350 plus lot is is good for 1-2 point and even more if you can hold onto just trade at 36.25 time was 1047..

other examples at 943 there was one at 38.25 which went up 1.75 then down .75 then up to new highs at 43.50.. other one 1026 at 39 went up 1.5 then down to new low at 34.50

for the record i have trade them and i only take 1 point profit..out of the ones above i trade 1026 time frame stop is 3 points but i exit usually at 1-1.5 points

just remember what you paid for this and who it coming

1000 plus lot sold at 32.50
there we go one point
ok 354 buy side at 32.50
i am trying to buy the 32.50 will cancel order if 33.75 trades
fill at 32.50
fill at 33.50..
thanks for confirming stockster - these subtle differences are important