ES Thursday 10-6-16

Testing a new Microphone.....laptop needs an upgrade but for now this will are the numbers I see for midpoint test and only one floor trader number on Wednesday ( I mention it in case someone has no time to listen to my babble)

No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

I can barely hear your videos
hmm...plays fine for me...anyone else having trouble with this video or others I recently posted?
Originally posted by palmer

I can barely hear your videos
i cannot hear any audio on the latest video at least
actually Bruce, there is audio but like palmer said, it is pretty faint
ok...will check sound...looking for buys in the 47 - 49 area this morning
started second buy campaign at 46....I'd like to see a 49.50 retest...that;s 2 floor trader numbers and O/N low is broken
revising first target to 48.50
I'm not gonna be a knuckle head down here...I know if wrong then they will try for high time down at 42 area and I'm not taking a 4 point hit
how are we supposed to trade this garbage...ridiculous!!
48 - 49 still has no time at that is my focus but not doing stop and reverses like yesterday....just taking small losses and trying again off the 46...that is only plan.....but will also try to buy if they spike it into 42.....hope that plan doesn't unfold
Nice job Duck.

I keep plugging along with my boring stuff.

Good luck to all.
Originally posted by duck

oh ya i am trading it.still making some mistakes but come out on the plus side..also trading big lots for the 1 point...almost double my account...i am just amazed how it you been?