ES Monday 10-17-16

Remember Monday has worst odds for O/N midpoint...we will print either 31.75 or 20.25 in RTH.....I think 31.75 - 33 is key resistance and 18 - 20 is key support....Fridays RTh low goes well with the split of the S1 and pivot number today so as usual we watch previous RTH lows and highs...that's always a given......4 minute video for those who aren't on trader bites
No video below? Try this link: for_Monday.swf

chart with lines for those who want to confirm there areas

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last weeks POC of time per 30 minute comes in at 32....fridays RTh low has lots of time building up there...make sure u have it on your chart...good filter for today I think
forgotto mention that fridays one minute poc of time is at I'm looking for sells there and at the 31 - 33 zone
runners trying to reach S! but seems like a long way off and low time exists at 26 so we may need to pop back up for that again
matching tpo's on the lows ( although second bracket isn't complete) increases the odds for a retest of those lows...and although we dipped into our low time spot at 21 we did NOT print the S1 number yet
there is nothing to do now.....only trade idea I like is if we can get back under fridays RTH lows again and then try and target new lows...otherwise I'm willing to let the buyers have the rest of the day and let them go get the daily and weekly that's my way of saying I am not a buyer, and will not take any more trades unless we can get back under that low....good luck from here...remember we are still building value lower than friday, are under the POC from friday and the poc for today as per one minute is down at poc is lower than friday by 6 points so far...that will change and it's still early
watch reaction at 2125 - 2125.25...that is fridays low and current midpoint of day session........half back as per dalton...ideal would be a weak push up off that and then it rolls back over down....this is assuming we even come back down to that point
the key here seems to be that there was no reaction ( buyers) on the drop back to half back and that low from I'm trying for that low but wanted to point out that the lack of what seems like buying activity at that low may be a good clue for us to get the lower prices
Sharks..I watched FT71 bookmap and it seems the only way for me to tell if it will be useful is to give it a trial I'll have to set that up