ES 5-26-17

basic numbers today...I'm more concerned about getting my other thoughts out there then what is on this fist video...but here is basic of today. I will be adding another video to babble on about some things that are most important to me as they convey ideas more then specific ideas for to coming day..
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edit various ramblings
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link to probability thread
my option close out
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I switched over to my sim account to make this video so my TOS data may be a little off. I've never checked the sim data to see if it was accurate...either way the concepts are still the same. It gives some options ideas based on price points and my Market delta chart covers some weekly ideas

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trying very small short at 2414.75 to see if I can get back to 2412.....not adding in and will probably take the loser at yd's highs...this is small, holiday trade
revising target to 12.75
I should have mentioned that I was referencing the first 30 minutes vpoc which according to NEWKID has an 87 % chance of being revisited before days end
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so right now we are above the midpoint of yesterday, the midpoint of the overnight and above the those who aren't faders will be trying to get at least the overnight highs and if they can draw in some volume then yd's highs based on probabilities......I'm flat now and plan to stay that way