ES Tuesday 6-20-17

This will be third day without an Overnight midpoint test if it happens. Keep that in mind as one of your core ideas as 3 days in a row is a low probability.. For me I making two key support is at 2445.25 and the other is 42 - 43.50 ( expecting a test of that today but won't stop that from keeping me off the longs at 45 if needed)........longs off the 45 can only target the poc at 47 and settlement at 47.50 ...hoping to update with video soon....yesterday was the "P" profile which in theory shows the struggle to go up after the breakout and failure outside the IB highs

edit : here is video of areas....I'm expecting two things being a test of the overnight midpoint and two being the test of the 43.50 breakout point......not sure which order that will happen but that is my working assumption
No video below? Try this link: numbers.swf

A couple of possibilities here (in addition to Bruce's analysis)... We are already testing yesterdays volume VA Low and Pivot at 46 area, ONL at 44.75 and also 43.50 all time highs that were broken yesterday. Looking for longs off these areas, and to test that 48 magnet Bruce put up
Have S1 at 40.25.. so far we are pushing hard down. I am tryng longs at 42 with stop at 40 (S1 area).. if we push under this then I am thinking this will be giving back the gains from yesterday.
Pulling partial position here at 43.50
I'd like to see us get above YD's va low to have a shot at the official On midpoint print....IB will complete soon and we know they will poke out of either the high or the low ... ..still hoping we are able to find multiple buyers at previous all time highs and last weeks highs....if we can't find the buyers then that gives us valuable information too and I'm not gonna get too hung up on that midpoint and overstay my welcome on the longside
reason also that I was holding options sold ( I sold calls yesterday afternoon) is that we know that we usually get multiple tpo's to print at previous weeks highs or the retrace was likely.....just pointing it out for anyone to put in their toolkit...I have no options working now
Im holding for 46 for 2nd position, locking in some of this profit now
scaling heavy at va low of Monday...going to try hold last for O/N midpoint
We're coming into the lunch hour now, if this cant get a little more action above 42 then I will pull all my positions soon