ES 7-19-17

I have very little today...using 61 - 62 as my sell area to test 59.50 and if lucky 56.75...update with video in a bit

edit: this is lame trading and a lame video but gives a few reasons as to my short bias once again
No video below? Try this link: Wednesday.swf

edit 2 : forgot to mention that we will need to possible trade for multiple tpo's at last weeks highs ( which is also the weekly VA high) ESPECIALLY if we close on a 30 minute time period ABOVE last weeks highs
all first targets being revised to 59.75
looking for some of the 100% long Overnight inventory to be looking for a pullback further into overnight range
if we push into 65 then I plan to average in and then use 61.50 as a target
so we have the break of last weeks highs and VA high at 61.25....will it be valid or do they need to come back to test it ? my money is going on the looking to add to shorts and hopefully see something up here to get short even if the 65 doesn't's the concept I am working from up here
good high ticks and no zeros yet today us shorts have our work cut out for us.. divergence now into the current days highs...ticks not some sick way I am hoping for new highs if internals can weaken
ok..if we are gonna have a chance this is it, YM and ticks is now 61.50
averaged in now at 63.75 and I am not liking this trade...we have gapped outside last weeks range on my data...very unusual..this trade is trouble so far zero ticks, that divergence went nowhere and Ym may need to push to 21560 - 21565...just sold July 26th expiry calls at 247 strike at .67
how strange this is to me...I don't believe in the breakout but so far I am just plain WRONG ...this is current week against previous weeks...look at gap at 61.25
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first test of zero ticks now so I guess we will find out if raschke buyers are gonna try to keep this rally alive or if they are gonna give up and not buy at lofty levels...c'mon 61.50 !!
what is raschke buyers when u have time thanks
here is the last thing I did for today...I also sold longer term calls as mentioned but these are very short term
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