ES Monday 7-24-17

I'm working off the assumption that buyers will want to test into the lower edge of bell curve from Thursday and fridays late day highs in the 2470 - 2471 area so I will be looking to be a buyer in early trade this morning...this also will test the overnight general the 70 - 72.50 is first key resistance if there is any as that includes the POC from Thursday...for support I'm using the 2465 - 2467.50 which includes the POC from the overnight, the afternoon Pull back low from Friday and the poc from Friday...that is buy zone....for change to take place we will have to hold under that to have sellers take over....I'm bored with this market and not even bringing up standard floor numbers today...weekly VA high is at 2469 and we still have that low time price at 61.25 if the 65 - 67.50 gives way to sellers....and when the 61.25 gives way which I think it will soon then we have the weekly poc at is weekly chart with just the major numbers snapped off
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keep in mind we have all time highs made in the overnight and we have an overnight high that matches to the tic a day session high at 2475.25....which adds fuel to upside bias
took one long that failed...I will look one more time as close to 65.50 and that will be it for me...not gonna be a knucklehead in this low Volume summer trade nor do I have the time for this today
if we can't back over the 67 and quickly we will need to bail on this long.....I don't want to be on the wrong side if they decide to push for the overnight low first today...67 is midpoint of the day and I will also use as a first target...can't expect much in these small ranges
no clue from here and everywhere I look I see poor structures which is not uncommon in low volume...I took runners off at 66.50.....not planning on doing anything else as a daytrader today
ramblings , conflicts and why I don't like the structures on the upside or the downside
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