ES Friday 9-8-17

Very early now but we have confluence down here at the 2455 - 2456 zone....just in case u feel daring in the overnight.....standard video / Review will happen post 8:30 reports

edit: Rollover - Ugh....I'm creating a possible support zone at 2454.50 - 2457.50 to try and target 2461 and least that is the plan......with two inside days and diminished volatility we need to be mindful that some may be going for the breakouts today especially given concerns about Hurricanes is how I see it
No video below? Try this link: rollover.swf

What report today? thanks
I just put up a video...u r right Padmaja...there were no bad !!
thanks a lot for all the effort
scaling heavy at midpoint...yesterday it took my third try to get it it only took once...runners will try for 63.50 or get stopped out at 57.50...I figure it's an even risk to reward now but I have no confidence as the On poc and yd's poc will be in my way...this is only daytrade today
if cash comes back to 2460.25 then I am pulling runners
taking two runners at 61.75 and final will go for that 63.50...I'd be foolish to leave money on the putting hard stop at 59.25...that is just under afternoon pull back low from YD...I figure if it comes back out from there then I have no business being long anymore
cash at it's pivot and right near 4 pm close on this could be trouble for final...went flat at 62 even...somebody else can hang on for the extra 1.5 points !
I find on Rollover it is even more important than usual to watch the cash as all us ES futures traders are all we use September or do we use December ? Do we use continuous contract or just December ? So go to the cash for some help....

here is why I covered that last going into it's pivots and the cash close was just slightly above
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hope all have a great weekend
The market played right into your analysis today Bruce, VERY WELL planned out..
Price dropped down to that 57 area and made it back up to the POC of yesterday.