ES Friday 9-15-17

I can't really suggest actually trading today. We are coiled tight and I know that we have a big battle between those that think price has been accepted above the previous all time highs ( and it has by a classic definition) and those of us who feel that we have spent too much time above that all time high without extending and attracting volume and are ripe to retrace. Neither group knows what actually will happen. here are the numbers I am watching and SD's for today and the coming week along with some other babble. we have an 86 % chance of going at least 20 points up or down from yesterdays closing cash price before the close of next week. Is that useful ? Maybe if you get a good signal and can hold. Or wait for that 20 points to hit and sell spreads further out after it hits. This may be a good edition to the Bittman and can possibly help balance out some deltas..

The Bitman will wait until we go 10 points beyond yd's cash close and sell spreads in the opposite the 1/2 sd mark...

nuff said is how I see it......all eyes will be on the 91 - 93 zone....
No video below? Try this link: vid1.swf

if you simply must trade then I would wait until we make new ATH or drop down into the 85 - 87 for me , I am not trading today and going out to finish the deck staining ! That's all the excitement I will have this morning.
nice enjoy ur deck