ES Thursday 9-28-17

all time highs have poor highs ...magnet price for me is 2502 off the 2500 and lower area......95 % of the time we will get a floor number so think of that, think of plus and minus 4 , think of 1/2 sd' is how I see it and if you have time watch volume video which I will be adding to this post after I make it...good luck today...
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hard copy of key lines off my favorite chart...Note I have kept magnet zone in place that we had snapped from the other day...they have tested down into that zone on two different days so that is the area bears would really have to take over to make anything happen
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volume spikes...I thought yesterdays were if you have time then give this one a watch to stimulate some ideas for yourself..this also goes over a plus or minus 4 idea and another gap in the data..
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great trading Bruce.. enjoy the day
sorry for the overdose of ramble is my final......although I like to think that these videos help other traders, they also help me too.....just pointing that out as I am not as selfless as I would sometimes like to think i am...hope all have great day from here....if you are daring and believe in the 86 % number and see those poor highs and don't mind trying to hold a runner or two then perhaps they will push it up and out...just watch that 2505 - 2506 to see what happens there

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u 2 ..rock on man !!!!
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great trading Bruce.. enjoy the day
u do rock. Thanks a lot for all the videos