ES Thursday 10-5-17

2536.50 is target price on trades above 38.50 in early trade.....volume magnet comes in at 2536 even....working on a video and will edit this post....2534 - 2536 is key area for today

not much to say that is very different but here it is anyway
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How my favorite chart has the bell curve marked up.....still favor short
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how I played this but more important how you should have been using the OR trades today if you decided to use the methodolgy
No video below? Try this link: thursdayOR.swf

edit...41 was the plus 2.5 today...not what I said in the video......
one last thing...spx is just about hitting it's 86 % number as the Es tries to reach for the plus 4 and is still one point away from it
wow...just stopped in from doing some chores....SPX has hit one SD up.....for some reason it seems like a long time since that has happened but it probably hasn't been that long.......I have key volume numbers at 2547.50 , 2544 and if this rally can't hold up then these will be attractors on the downside...everyone will be watching 2550 on cash and on my 2547.50 goes real well with the 2550 on the failure on ES at 2550 will target the 47.50 again as that is most recent volume
just initiated has about 45 days till expiry so if a selloff is coming this will maximum gain on this is .58 and loss is .42.....but as usual I would manage at spy's sold and rolled this week are still under water....they expire a week from tomorrow.......we'll see what that report brings in the morning....everyone is obviously frontrunning it based on the price action so far.....don't they know that the profiles are showing poor structure and need to be repaired below.....LOL!!.
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