ES Friday 10-5-17

Using two possible support areas and that is 2542.75 - 2544 and then 2540.50....that is upper edge and bell center for goes over other things....13 points is one SD we can see if cash opens in 1/2 sd zone AND we hit support on midpoint yesterday of overnight......keep in mind OR trades and where we open in relation to value and range..........bigger moves in general come when we open out of range and value........or at the very least the targets usually come faster....inside range and value increases the odds of some chop so be prepared to stop and reverse....JUST TAKE THE TRADES !!!

here is video ramble
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my favorite chart

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interesting how OR traders will have first target one tic below the overnight midpoint ....
OR trade nuance with open price
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so far at least, all the volume is flowing in at that is magnet still
Ok there is midpoint and official plus 2.5...this brief video just shows that volume on the 133 tic chart that proves small frys are trading the pivot.....and why I think it will be the plus 4 today...the concept of going from one volume spike area to another
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had some comments typed in but made this final friday video instead...more nuances to the OR ideas
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wow...those volume spikes are nasty !!!
if you are reversing at Or low then just use the same rules and target ideas.....twice the Or range to cover risk, then double the range or use the minus 2 or 2.5 ( the sooner u get out the better ) and then the minus 4 if you want to feel like the big man ( or woman on campus ) on runners only....and u cannot be afraid to trade multiple reversals if you really must trade advice is to just take the first trades and not get too hung up on a plus or minus 4 especially if your first trade is a winner at the plus 2 or 2.5 .....don't get too obsessed.....just get good at the small consistent wins first.....

the very best trades will happen quickly and early in the day ........
there will be some days that you get whipped two or three times so that the plus 4 target is the only way you may end up a slight winner on the day...current days low matches the overnight low to the tic...........and watch your time.......I still advocate trying to keep the trading in the first 90 minutes of RTH