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Predicting Buyers - tool helps brokers, agents, de

I am conducting a research project of interest to brokers and dealers involving a method of precisely pinpointing who will buy from them. Those who are interested please see;
Note, this is not an advert. This is a free offering, my purpose is to collect feedback, opinions of the method.


excellent! This is good. We now have the wave pattern I needed to calibrate with, for you. On your precentile feedback you'll note the slopes, peaks, troughs of percentile accuracy. We went as low as 0% and as high as 35%. I can now target those sections where the percentile climbed upwards, and 'dial in' to you.

I will shortly send you an additional profile for this scenario, much briefer. This should be highly accurate. Please grade this
next one as before.

Once this is calibrated, we should find that all subsequent profiles tend towards a much more consistent higher accuracy rate.

I will submit this on approximately the tenth of April back to you.

Again, thanks for your participation!

I look forward to it.
"A potent fluidic energetic effluence."

...i think your device just calibrated into the S&P pit


I think that's a euphemism for chronic diarrhea.
Spent the last few days localizing the 'burp' in the calibration process. I believe I've found it, but am still tweaking, adjusting this for you.

It appears that two things caused intial skew; (1) Time Factor, (2) Querants internal state

By way of analogy, my method can be regarded as a sort of camera.

Camera's are limited to some degree by the environmental conditions existing at the time the photographer takes a picture.

Sunset, sunrise, present challenges with lighting and for most photos these are not the best times of day to take a picture.
These times are regular, occuring every day.

Irregular events, snowstorms, blizzards, rainstorms, etc... can also be a bad time to take a photo.

When the goal of the photographer is an image of colour and clarity he takes into consideration these and other factors. If a night shot
is needed, it can still be done, but additional tools such as filters need to be added.

So too is it with the human mind. There are windows of time occuring at different periodicities which can affect my method and its results.

I have found that when certain adverse negative time windows occur, the accuracy of the results of my method can be affected. For important, critical
applications I usually try to pilot around these time windows in advance.

Consider the following Negative Time Windows for this week;

Wednesday 04/12/06 01:39 to 04:39
14:09 to 17:09

Thursday 04/13/06 02:40 to 05:40
15:11 to 18:11

Friday 04/14/06 03:41 to 06:41
16:12 to 19:12

Saturday 04/15/06 04:43 to 07:43
17:13 to 20:13

(Above in P.S.T. - adjust to your time zone)

During these above times all manner of various activities become prone to severe disruption;

- travel through busy traffic areas
- disputes, arguments
- legal transactions
- pitching a sale
- negotiating,
- engaging in transactions
- exercise
- important communications business or personal.

During these times its best to try to relax, meditate, breath deeply, take a 'time out', carefully, slowly stretch, engage in simple safe calisthenics, take a nap,
avoid any complicated task, avoid electrical equipment. Focus on simple, natural safe organic contemplation and stress release.... AVOID contact with negative
family members and relatives, work associates, etc.

Typically the mind is the least coherent, stable, focused during these times. Ranging from agitation to foggy, floaty, dreamy states.

You will likely note, that there is a definite, notable 'shift' energetically (in a concrete manner), during the times indicated above.

My method appears to produce the best results when the querant focuses mentally and emotionally, without internal or external distraction on the subject of concern.

If the dial is stuck in between two radio stations, its difficult to make out one coherent song.

The time of your query did not fall into a Crtical Time Window of high amplitude, but it did fall specifically, into one of the smaller ones that cycle regularly
throughout the week. This is the similiar sort of energy where the 'sock disappears' in the washing machine.

I did not give you advance notice of potential time windows to avoid. But in this case, this is a good thing. I don't want to simply demonstrate the methods capabilities in optimum conditions, I really need to 'stress test' it.

Separate from the time issue, is also the internal state of the querant which can be affected by the time window. In the data we collected the first time around, it seemed apparent, after analysis, that there was a great potential for you to have been focusing on a number of different subjects, much of which had to do with issues that were of concern to the self, this may have manifested different ways, a sort of dreamy fogginess, or interspersed images of other concerns of life, as you were focusing on the exercise. This may not have even been consciously present, and may have been nothing more than an underlying subconscious tension. Again, very good for testing the method.

I have included below new profiling statements. As before, please grade these as a percentile. When reviewing a profile statement that describes an aspect of the person thought about that may or may not be true but is not known by the querant, instead of grading as a percentile, simply answer, "UNKNOWN". I have found that sometimes the method reveals accurate information about the person, but this info may not be something the querant knew at the time of the query.

The first profiling statements following below (indicated as "A" ) I am providing as a reference to what I talked about earlier regarding negative time windows. The statements were generated today, during the peak of the negative time window. I could really feel its effect. I felt tired, heavy, lethargic - the mind was foggy, not very clear. During this time
I attempted to use the method to profile the person you thought of. The following statements, I anticipate to score very low, well under 50%. (Unless the calibration
adjustments I made are far better than I realize). Please grade them as before.

Following "A", section "B" is a profile done once the time window passed. Grade these as before, noting differences in accuracy.

Note also how short section "B" is in comparison to section "A". B reflects the calibrating adjustments made.

========= SECTION " A "============

Compulsion for freedom and impulse toward independent action, Adaptability lacking, feelings of rebelling inside. A sudden scenario played out between
some form of partnership, possibly leading to upset, argument, separation.


Mind of the person; very independent, whether right or wrong will beat his own path through life. Interference from others causes resentment. While ambitious and assertive there is a lack of planning ahead, leading to mistakes which cause the person to fall behind. Courage is present and the person will not easily give up. Failing in a given direction they try another immediately, repeating this process and so their very persistence can bring ultimate success.

Negative Phase : Engaging in one occupation after anotherbut not taking the time to honestly make enough of an effort at any one to succeed.

Quick thinker desiring immediate stimulation and feedback. Mundane details bore the person quickly. No secret motivation, straight and above board. A heart
that is warm, reaching out to comfort those in need. Personality centering on assertiveness, aggression, impatient and quick temper, original activity and thought.

Very pioneering but needs to learn to control desires and impulses. When over confidence, over extension and lack of planning combines, downfall is inevitable.
Often a flirt, very adventurous, seeking the mysterious and the quest.

Anxiety and sacrifice is very present. Utopian and creative desires. Hard time defining boundaries. Often accused of meddling in others affairs without being asked.
Lazy and indecisive, over sensitive, submissive, negative receptive attitude. Hard time dealing with facts that omit idealism.
Danger of mental obsession. Flexible emotions, lover of things beautiful and aesthetic.


Loyal to friends. Powerful imagination. Self sacrificing romanticism. Possible line of work; detective, promotions, entertainment, bar tender or one selling some sort of liquid. Uses intuitive judgement, discretion, attention to detailed work.
Loves anything that will stir the emotions. Very wordy in speech. If musically inclined, plays with a high level of feeling and inspiration.

Negative phase: Parental neglect of childred due to substance abuse, leading to the children becoming wards of the court.



=======SECTION "B"=============

Although strong potential for social success and being popular, there is at least a mild form of cyclical melancholy present. The state of being popular and of receiving recognition and favour from others is not stable. At the peak of their height, strong tendency to fall. Position is not safe once they've climbed up the hierarchy. Person may tend to feel loss after previously being awarded with a higher than average acute sensitivty. Strong likelihood for person to become romantically invloved with another where a notable age difference exists, this tending to end in separation. Alternatively, this person may marry or engage in relationships as a matter of convenience or material gain.

The person exhibits weakend powers of the libido, jealousy, possibly violent outbursts. Tendency for action based on inhibiting the emotions, becoming sober again. Talking of separating, argument.


The cognitive mind is sharp, it is thinking about biological concerns, being pragmatic. The person is thinking of or is in strong association or connection with the general public. The man relating to young women.


Additionally, if we distill section "B" now to an even briefer snapshot, we get the summary of;

Perseverant, person with some form of religous type of overtones, many unfortunate events, but happiness sprinkled throughout, righteous, self control, friendly

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