ES Tuesday 10-24-17

How I have the numbers and areas coming into today......still have other things that are drawing me away from the markets lately but hope to be back in action a bit more next week....and hopefully volatility will follow me....or I will follow it ! second video below is a review of Or trades from last week and an example of using 15 minutes as an OR for the CL and how it worked....just tossing that out there..
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review of last week and cl

No video below? Try this link: OR_recap.swf

lower bell curve edge and center I am working from today
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overnight is mostly long so I prefer sell side off the two zones in the picture above
shorted at OR low 67.25 but moved my stop to 67 and got stopped out. tgt was -4....
Couple comments and a question Bruce.

I think the 15 OR as a target on CL is pretty big.It's been averaging 190-350 per contract. too big IMO.

Regarding day after chop, it seems if Y15M OR is broken 3 times, that's a pretty good mechanical definition of a chop day. The next day should do pretty well if one wants to hang on for a bigger target.

Regarding volatility, I know you weren't directly referencing VIX, have you ever gotten long volatility via a VIX option trade? Something like buying ATM call, selling ATM put and then selling a call one or two strikes above the market? Trying to configure something during the vol as Jr. and I wait for our bigg trade, after vol expands.

Just trying stuff and making some coin.

Not to be a dykk but that's not how you trade it. You moved your stop so close after a couple of ticks green?

I think most traders would benefit from shortening their targets and increasing size. Today the OR range went successfully long, then short. Close targets yes, but $$ is $.

Good luck going forward.
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shorted at OR low 67.25 but moved my stop to 67 and got stopped out. tgt was -4....