ES 10-27-17

Won't be doing too much today...key zone for me is 2565 - 2566.25 and then further up is 69.50 and key bell center mentioned earlier in the week at 72 those are all sell points for me in general.........Floor trader players would have waited ALL day to get one of those yesterday......a critical question to ask yourself is this:

How long do you really want to trade each day ? For me I think our time can be used in better ways but I certainly understand if people want to watch the market....I did that for years......and many days gave back morning profits with afternoon losses....

so here is my thinking on this:

Have a great weekend and thanks to those who gave ideas about the Mantle surround yesterday...
have a wonderful weekend
just stopping in...volume now is at 76.75 and down at 72.50.........these should be part of the afternoon trading.....for example....will 2576.75 hold back declines or will it fail and we drop back to 72 - 73 !!
CL 1M OR breakout trade has been much smoother than ES of late, we'll see if it supplants ES completely, with a little more size.

Good luck to all.