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YM/INDU fair value spread

A fellow named Mak created this DDE spreadsheet which is pretty neat. It plots the YM/INDU fair value spread. I've been wanting to get this automated myself as I do it manually during spikes. Hope the link works:

ym.indu (str.neut.squ 03.27.06).xls

Any thoughts on how to get it to work in eSignal? He has it formatted for Qcharts I think.

I've converted it to eSignal - here is the eSignal version:

Click link to access uploaded file:

...but I don't understand it. How does it work? What does it all mean? How do you use it?
That worked great Guy. Thanks. I was about to PM you that I had it working also but not the time stamp part....Still following the Questions for Grob/Hershey board under Strategy Trading to see how everything fits together. It tracks the Fair Value difference between the YM/INDU. When that spread reaches a certain level Arb programs are likely to kick in. I have been trying to track it manually for the past three months and jumped for joy when I ran across that spreadsheet ;-) I think they are using it to verify that the YM does in fact lead the ES and possibly give some early trade signals. Sorry I can't give a better explaination. Check out that board though, it's pretty neat. Most of the latest posts are about this subject. Thank You very much for your help.

Thanks Ragincajun. I just found the topic on Elite Trader if anybody wants to follow the discussion:

There are over 2,000 replies to date and after searching for a short while I couldn't find a description of how the sheet works and don't have the time at the moment to keep on reading so I'll come back later and take another look - if I can find the time.

If anybody else finds a summary of how to use it I think that it would be fun to observe - I notice that one of the postings state that it attempts to use the YM to identify a lead for the ES.
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