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MP Bonds April 5th

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Don't you get the feeling that more and more traders are starting to stand aside to "watch what happens" while we're having this sideways movement and as such this perpetuates this action and puts us into a Catch-22 situation. This is what I seem to be hearing but haven't confirmed this in the bonds with volume or OI.
what you mean that everyone mised out on this bear mkt or else took profits too soon and now don t know where to get involved. Its a bear market. rallies are for sale but we get no rally . why cos everyone can t bring themselves to sell the low in case its the low so they buy. I did as well today April 6th I bt at 109.25 watched it to 109.31 and got out at 109.26. I bt because of the European Central Bank saying that rates were not goiung to change until at least June and the EU bonds were starting a squeeze. well we had a dead cat bounce and then drilled to new lows. Thats the problem in that now noone patient for the inevitabole 10-14 basis point rally that will nail the bulls firstly by stealing the last of the shorts and then drilling the market properly until we finally get into a capitulation trade.
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