ES K.I.S.S 5-15-18

Usually when I mark up a chart the night before it is a waste of time and the market opens up far above or below my chart lines......we'll see what the overnight brings but here are most of the Lines for trade coming into Tuesday just based of Mondays range. Remember with all of this we are really looking to get out as soon as possible with a profit and then leave something on for more but the core comes off fast. So we define the lines and use the OR ( Opening one minute range) to get in or stop and reverse and use our lines as targets. We are always looking for some reason to either tighten the stop or take a profit.

This was a very cool double distribution day - you can clearly see the Low time that separates these ( which also happens to be Fridays highs) and then the two being at 2736.50 and the other center at the POC of 2730.

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lines for tuesday
just as expected...worthless image above.....plan for me ...if we open in the 12 - 13 area then I trade for the 2709.50 and possibly 2706 or the long would go for 2716.. and 2720 ...opening near 16 - 17 tries for the 2720 and 2722 or down to 2712 and 2709.50...either way I cover puts on the open this morning
wow great fill on final.......unusual....just popped so hard through that 2709.50.....filled at 2708 on last........bonus day.....look how we opened right at the R2 so that left the overnight low as first downside probability and that was also low volume from 5-10 trade as was my 2nd 2709.50 target
from my sim account chart...where all my Tos charts come from on this machine now...part of 5- 10 trade.....buyers would need to try to escape up and out of this lower bell curve with the 06 - 07 as the center and 09.50 as upper edge...
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low time
stockster - I think that would be considered a good hit on the weekly pivot...wouldn't you say ?
It did hit!

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stockster - I think that would be considered a good hit on the weekly pivot...wouldn't you say ?