ES KISS 5-23-18

how I have it framed covers the reasons why I have the lines where I do....hard copy is here just in case you want to see it without watching the video.........looks busier then it actually is...
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hard copy of the lines and zones I will expect market to trade too and what the OR range high or low breakouts will target
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EDIT : I just made this for CL market...same concepts would apply and I admit I know nothing about the CL market and Big Mike here is the expert on that one.....I'm just pointing out what is currently happening and how you would derive the targets in that market using the ES method we have been discussing
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use the 2714 as an exit if you have to......
no probability has been hit yet today .....will it be the pivot, s1 or s2 for YOU today.....? will it be the overnight high or low.....? will it be the high of 5-18 or the low from that day ? aggressive traders can keep trading for that...mechanical would be done
on my data we just got the overnight midpoint but still haven't hit one of the BIG 3 Probabilities
a recap and the big 3 -
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