Losing funds to binary options

Trading Binary options almost ruined my life when i lost 70,000$ Septeember last year to broker "72Option". I invested all I had with the hope of making huge profit. It all turned out it was a scam at the end.
After several efforts to withdraw and transfer my funds, filing different reports to the security agencies, none of these worked out well for me

I will only give my little advice to everyone out there having intention of trading on any of theses scam brokers, most of them are only ready to steal and take all of our money till they get the last card on us. Take your decisions wisely before investing and know the right steps to take when you get scammed by any of them.
If you are a lover of forex and have never tried binary options, I recommend that you open an account in one of the brokers that we recommend and that you explore this alternative. We are sure that you will like it equally and that you will be able to obtain very good results with a little training.
Hey man, there's a platform IQ option they are providing good knowledge of investing in binary options. They can also help you in recovering your lost money.