ES magnet prices 5/7/2019

I'm using 2910, 2918 and 2924.50 as upside target prices... downside I really only have 2897.50 and 2894...with the market at 2906 we can take breaks of the OR to reach some of these targets

edit..I added in O/N POC which is a day session shelf at 2913.50
I'm keeping in mind our floor trader number probabilities and that opening low did not print at a floor trader number.....short story is that we could see us take out that opening range low.....just reminding anyone reading this that they will get a floor trader number today and those come in at 2905.25 and up at many will trade for those as targets too....question really many targets do you want to have ?
Good to see you posting Bruce
Bruce, great to see you back here!
great to see u posting again.. please please continue