Using Managed Futures

Secrets Using Managed Futures to Improve Returns & Reduce Portfolio Risk
Live event: April 29 @ 8AM Chicago / 9AM Eastern time.
Simulcast of Cornerstone Investors Network meeting in Tampa, FL
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Title: Secrets to Using Managed Futures to Improve Returns and Reduce Portfolio Risk

Join author and successful commodity fund manager Mark H. Melin as he explores methods to reduce market risk through managed futures. In this fast-paced presentation, Mr. Melin will provide investors and traders unique strategies that they can implement immediately with an eye towards increasing returns while reducing overall portfolio risk.

Topics will include:

Modern Portfolio Theory: Reducing Risks Through Asset Diversification
Specific Risk Control Measures Used In Trading
Real World Case Studies

Leveraging Alternative Investments
Different Structures of Alternative Investments

More than just stock index futures. Opportunities in:
Interest Rate futures
Precious Metals futures (Gold & Silver)

See How A Professional Fund Manager Trades
Directionally trading options premium
Trading options along the yield curve
Three basic options strategies you can implement tomorrow

About the Speaker
Mark H. Melin is the trading principal at Delta Numeric Trading, a commodity options fund which was up over 25% in its first year of trading and is up over 40% year to date (as of March 1, 2006). Mr. Melin is a well-known trader and is co-author/editor of The CBOT’s Handbook of Futures and Options (published by McGraw-Hill 2006), which is his second book.