best online brokerages for day trading

Which online brokerages are preferred and day trading friendly?

(Extended hours, free trading tools, low or no fees, etc.)
it depends on what are you trading i think, either forex, index, stocks...
Yes, depending on what you need! I agree with the post above! Forex top
I think you can try to trade on CFD
I prefer cfd trading
free tools, free signals with no fees.
Well, to be honest it is pretty hard to trade on CFD and you have to be careful with that, because sometimes it could be really tricky. I trade on CFD for over a year and I can't say that I am a good trader. To be honest, I still have to ask for some help from the qualified brokes who's working in that field more than I do and knows much better how to trade on CFD. But it is really important what asset you use to trade and what's the platform you use for that. Frankly speaking I've tried a couple of different platforms, but the best one I've ever used is <redacted>. This is the best platform on the Internet with more then 270 different trading assets and online broker help whenever you need. I think you have to try it, you will like it for 100%
I use CFD as well.
In my personal experience, one of the best online brokerage companies is <redacted>. Check it out if you're interested.
I prefer cfd trading
This depends on what you would like to trade such as stocks forex and index.

In my opinion, I would recommend Oanda because their platform is perfect for beginners and there is a variety of indicators for pro traders to explore.
Such a lonely island. I was looking for the same info, maybe someone will give recommendations eventually. In my turn, I'd like to know the opinion about cryptocurrency trading and this site <redacted>, I'm looking for a nice exchanger.