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Alleyb: An example of how I sometimes struggle with what you write. Today you say:

If we break Wednesdays lows then we will make new lows down to the 1282.2 level. If they take them up first then when we break Wednesdays highs we will power straight through the range and make new lows.

So when I first read this I thought you'd made a typo and meant to say that we will make new highs. But on closer inspection I see that you mean that after we break Wednesday's high we will [reverse and] power straight [back] through the range and make new lows.
It sounds as if he is saying three things:

1)we will break wednesdays low and hit Target down at 1282 or
2)they may run it up so the next time we trade back to Wednesdays highs then they will break through the entire days (wednesdays) range .I personally would like to see a higher open to sell into and form an outside bar to the Downside on Thursday. If that happens and I am understanding Alleyb correctly then there will be folks selling when Wednesdays high is hit.
They could also run it up for a day or more and the next time we hit Wednesdays high is the sell signal.....

How am I doing...? any of these make sense? I'm not sure if you are intentionally vague sometimes AlleyB because that is your style or if it is because you are a vendor and want people to buy your offense by that last comment I hope...I enjoy your posts but would really like to see a few examples of crystal clear entries with stops and exits for the longer time frames...Of course posting it ahead of time would sure help me..thanks for all the work you do put into the posts though

i've read through some of mr benjamin's comments and they are not always clear. for example - which range is he talking about powering through?
firstly I do run a website that is a Member's only via subscription with no B/S and no advertising and yes I do sell a course but I do not consider myself a vendor. The website was setup at the request of a group of people who wanted me to publish my work.
Using a forum like this sometimes leaves something to be desired as the voice can convey something differnt from the written word.
I don't peddle wares. I trade for a living and have done for some years previously in paid employment and last few years (not for the first time) as an independent. My Bio is available to all on the site. I make the same comment to you all about precision and perfection that I made to DayTrader. I am posting charts with comments on in advance. Tell me where else you get the degree of accuracy and not only entry (how often did I mention in the charts the Hidden MP pivot of 1310.) but target levels. Your comments stating that you feel I am not clear stem from the fact that you do not read and understand what I say. The comments were simple enough. There is no ambiguity. I don't understand what part you guys do not get. would you have preferred me to say if 1321 prints sell on stop at 1317 for target 1282 and if 1323 prints sell at 1319 on stop for target 1298 for that is in essence what I wrote. if so and that is what you want ie buy at x and sell at y then call me....PS even Daytrader had little to quibble about on the bond chart from Wednesday which was posted in advance on Tuesday so why do you have a problem with the S&P chart.

As to which distribution George Soros. I am surprised. The distribution that has been evident since Jan 3rd though March 15th then the new one that has been evident from March 16th to present day

I am at a loss to understand what it is that you guys are missing.
Maybe it was because you all bought the breakout above 1320.5 and failed to understand that it became a false breakout and maybe you all missed the sell off. Maybe the problem is that most of you are into trying to take a 1 point in S&P with a 2 point stop. well if that's your style then that's good but are you consistently profitable? and did you get in last few days 30 points? You see if some of you were to actually go ....could I have taken 30 odd points on one trade without very much risk and without having to sit watching every tic on the screen with a pre-defined plan and strategy and only paid 1 commission and known where I would have been wrong etc..............??

As an aside for my Members the S&P range for this week was called as 1308-1282 and 4 weeks prior they were given a target of 779 in Russel.
I am not given to bragging for my record stands in published format on this forum and elsewhere.
I suggest that you all go to the CBOT MP education and listen to the MP101 and MP102 then go listen to Dan Gramzas presentation and compare then read the CBOT handbook and see whether you actually finish it. I suggest you all go buy John Carter's book and read Chapter 17 on MP that I supplied to him or better still go to my website and read Chapter 17 for it sits on my Bio page and then come back to me with your questions.

Lastly I suggest you read the following chart that I posted on the external section of my website and tell me again what it is that you do not understand for it says the same as on my daily charts. A chart that was posted after the close of business on 11th and clearly showed in advance that was going to happen. tell me whether the analysis / interpretation broadly speaking right or wrong

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