Coding Question

Hello, I saw a video on MetaTrader that showed commands for indicators being converted into coding for backtesting. Does anyone have experience using this? Is there other software that does the same thing? I really want to backtest my strategies but have no coding experience so I'm looking for the most user-friendly thing out there. Thank you!
A lot of strategies can be tested using a spreadsheet. You should be able to download the Open High Low Close (OHLC) and possibly also Volume (OHLCV) for what you're trading and upload or open them in a spreadsheet and then use formulas next to those values to build up and test strategies. The spreadsheet formulas are well documented and pretty easy for almost anybody to use. A search should provide custom formulas for when you want to plugin a Technical Analysis (TA) formula. I remember seeing add-ons that you could buy for TA with spreadsheets before but haven't looked for that for a long time.