ES 9-20-22

Hey people! Dont be afraid to comment, criticize , or post your own analysis and vote.....
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30 min
The big boyz took it down a little further than i thought , but im trying to buy the 3876 fib and sticking with the same game plan for now.... ticks are very negative (so far )
stopped for a loss.. i will try one more time at 3857
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short term look
The black mov avg of ticks has rebounded up to zero, but its too early to tell if it holds . Also, to exactly equal yesterdays range, we need to see 3855.50. So for these reasons . i think we could see one more dive. If not ,then i missed it
If yhey give me 3888 or higher , i will sell it to get back in sync with the trend
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mid day update
currently short from 3888. want 3876 at a minimum
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exit one at 3876 (plus 12 ticks_). holding the other
exiting at 3868
Out my runner at 3872.50 cause thats the midline on my 5 min trading chart and i gotta leave for a few (plus 15.50 points)
stopped myslf out at 3872.... see ya