ES 9-26-22

Difficult for me to post much today, cause im stuck with 6 grandkids home cause of the coming hurricane.
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30 min
courtesy of John Kicklighter
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vix performance
Ticks are very
Both cum ticks avg and spx cash have made new daily lows
im selling this rip up here
well i sold 3685.25, was trying for 3688 (the fib) i will bail on one at 3672 and hold the other
Out one at 3672 (plus 13.25 points) holding the other.. What prompted all this was the vix going to 38.90, put calls turning negative after being very positive most of the morning and the black avg on the cumulative ticks being very negative. All of which indicated the rally stops here , or very soon! Also the kids are driving me nuts, and even with the extreme pressure of trading, this is relaxing to me! lol
Since i have a cycle bottoming in about 15 min i think we see at least 3652 or lower so i will exit my runner at 3655 (i hope!)
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current ticks
just bailed on my short runner
3670.25 ... what a stupid move . all charts are on a sell and vix is negative.
quite a dive here... Tru colors?