ES 10-07-22

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pre open
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ok, we`re near the avg daily range whitch is 3668 . The ticks avg is as neg as ive seen in a while... -1000
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the opening ticks
That 3671-72 zone could become a good buy scalp
The 3671-72 zone could provide a base to push up just above 3700
This is push up id be getting out of my long scalp on,
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current ticks
Ok we're just about to the 3656 avg daily range.I misspoke earlier saying 3668. This move was foretold by the minus 1000 reading earlier. Bears want to see a healthy expansion of range maybe 15-20 points lower on a down day.
Ok,there's the avg range... Not a bad buy scalp but I think as you know , that they want lower.Have to leave for a bit
I'm going to try a buy scalp at 3650,50
Long but in some distress.hopefully it turns soon
well, thats all for me.. still at least it was a positve day. Have a great weekend!