ES 10-13-22

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NO frikkin votes today?
Sure looks like a breakout!
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Originally posted by koolblue

As crazy as it sounds, like i stated, yhis could be a huge buying oppurtunity. We have already travelled 120 points up from the low! Thats what intermediate term bottoms look like! Time will tell, but thats what it looks like to me.
OOPS i misspoke! Its not 120 up from the low yet, but still a very impressive 70+ Sorry, i spend a lot of time looking at the cash spx as well looking for premium compressions snd divergencies .
OK, i`ll be buying 3610 and praying!
Remember the data i showed a while back that the last two times cpi came out we had roughly 4% declines? That bothered me cause ive been touting how the market should be going up big soon..... from Bespoke : In the span of three hours today, S&P 500 futures have had a 3.9% decline and a 3.9% rally.
Besides being a buyer if 3610 is toched, i will sell 3674.75 or better.
Amazing day! This one will gwt some press tonite. Stopped on my last short.
try a short one last time at 3690 if they let me.
short at 3690, looking to 3677 if they give it to me. Its later than i like to trade, but im making up for my last short
wow, happened while i was posting! Cya!