ES 10-28-22

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Got to 3883.50. Next they will push it to the 3899.50 level or so then one last shove to at least 3908/ If you got short near the 3883.50 high, dont look for too much on the trade, maybe 15-25 points
Well, so far so good.... i`ll be a buyer at 3862 if they continue to bring it down because of my belief that sometime today they will attempt to go for new rally highs
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short term afternoon look
wow. just got back.... selling here at 3908
the ticks black avg is making a lower high here than the last peak, and thats why i jumped early instead of 3913. Any way, any 10 point profit gets me to my weekend.... Heres hoping!
Ticks are coming down but its just too late for me. im bailing out at breakeven.