ES 11-11-22

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gann today
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Missed my long scalp entry at 3850 .50 by two ticks1 Sheese.
Im going to try a short scalp at 3985 if it goes there because i feel we may see 3872 bare minimum soon.
Short 2 from 3985 looking to exit both at 3973;
That was a quick 12 handles. Now watching for a long entry.
I may be early here but im buying 3962 on the retest of yesterdays close
Going to exit one at 3975 for 13 points and hold a runner for higher, i hope
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midday update
ok, first target hit. out one at 3975, holding my otherlong scalp with a breakeven stop. I really thought about unloading both, but ticks are back above zero after a small dip below which indicates higher prices coming
Im going to go ahead and exit at 3983 on my runner cause i really want to start my weekend and i had an absolutely awesome day yesterday. I really think we could goas high as 4010-12 by the close but i dont care. So if your also long , its not a bad play to hold on.... c ya