ES 12-30-22

Last day of the year (usually negative)....
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Back for now...selling 3848
Short two es from 3848, and will exit one at 3838 if i can. I will keep the runner with a breakeven stop.
Out one at 3838,for plus 10. Lowering my stop to 3841
The black avg just crossed below zero. That could be in my favor
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stopped on the runner. Up 17 on the day
This is risky ,but im going to try a quick short scalp at 3850
missed it by 6 ticks! Order cancelled
misspoke earlier...up 10 on the day
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short term look
I hesitate to call that most recent low (3821.50) as the daily low . it certainly could be , but at arange of 71.25 ,it falls a little short of the 5 day average around 76. We will see how far this rally carries.
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5 min