ES 1-3-22

Historically the best performing day of the holiday season...
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globex action
Testing the triangle line around the 50% level of the daily range so far. This could be a possible long scalp
long from 3876 on a long scalp.
I`ll take 3887 for an exit if they give it to me
settled for an exit at 3886 since i would like to be out before the open
Should have been more patient, but a nice way to start the 20 since i trade 2 contracts
Ticks are very positive, reaching plus900 before declining to around plus 500 as i type. charts are on a buy signal but there is a chance of a sell scalp at 3908-10.
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wow, wonder what the news is here!
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5 min
Long from 3846, looking for a 3856 exit on both
Ticks have now rebounded as the choppy trading continues. they were at plus 600 but are now plus 400.