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daily notes 979

thanks for a great service, feel I should advise you that the pivots have not been updated for today....quite surprised as this service has been very reliable,...currently 7:17 Pacific - 47 minutes after open, apr 28....
If you click on the Pivots link you will get todays numbers. I am unable to get the market profile #'s though.
Our apologies - internet problems prevented us from updating the Daily Notes in a timely manner last Friday.
It is highly likely that the Daily Notes and other figures will not be published tomorrow (Thursday 11 May 2006) because of logistical problems. Things should be back to normal on Friday. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Once agin, I must tell you how much I appreciate your service, I was lost this am when I discovered that you were unable to post today and have now discovered that you gave notice...A minor request, in the past the pivots were normally out by 9:15 pm Pacific. This allowed those of us out west to post these values and have one less thing to take care of in the early morning darkness. Thanks again for a great service.
You're welcome boardhead and I'm sorry that we didn't have figures (again) today. This was a temporary problem and we are working on a new system that will not only be more reliable but also give you far more information and should be available within seconds after the last traded price for the day.
Sounds great, thanks for info. Already loaded Friday info.
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