Trading after hours

Are there any active futures I can trade after dark. I am using tradovate with virtual money to learn. I saw BIT/USA. It is active in the evening but I cannot trade it with Tradovate. Therefore my questions are twofold: What futures are active after hours and are there other trading sites that allow me to trade with virtual cash?
I have been using Tradovate to trade Globex (overnight futures) for several years. CME Mini and Micro futures and options on futures products are what I focus on and I am trading the NQ and ES Mini contracts right now (at 0315 CST :-).

There are two forms of play money on Tradovate:

1. Simulation account (I have not used this but I believe that you get one automatically upon opening an account).
2. Market replay simulator. I use this nearly every day to go over my trades and to practice/test new ideas or new trading plans. I have tried many of these market simulators from other firms but Tradovate (by far) has the best one. I cannot tell the difference between a live account and the market simulator (it is that good).

If you use the market replay simulator ($50 a month last I checked) then download and use the desktop app for the simulator. I find that the desktop app works best with market replay and the web browser based (I use Chrome) is best for live trading. Not sure why but you will notice a difference if you use them in reverse.

Lastly, I have tried many firms and (for me) TastyWorks is (by far) the best platform for options on futures and tradovate (recently acquired by Ninja) is best for regular CME futures contracts.

Good luck and I hope this helps!~
Futures contracts can be active after hours, but availability varies. Check with your broker.