ES 1-20-23

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I`ve been telling you since the 3500 low that this rally would be huge and that the October 13th low could be the end of the bear market. More and more reports keep coming out to support this view that higher prices are coming! On Thursday ,3 breadth thrusts triggered implying a high likely hood of higher prices coming. One month=21days.... Also be aware that
According to @AlmanacTrader, the direction of January’s trading (gain/loss for the month) has predicted the course of the rest of the year 75% of the time. We will be watching this January closely.
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breadth thrusts
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globex action
Currently short from 3928
Im pretty sure it wants 3921 so i`ll take a quick exit at 3922
Nice little scalp there .. now i`ll watch the open
Short term buy signals on the 5 and 15 min charts...however ,im not yet convinced. Selling 3933-35
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opening 5 min
Short from 3834.50
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I will exit at 3926 75 if they get there. The small amt of points is a function of lower volitility
Bingo! 3973 is the high so far..See you on the weekend update