ES 1-26-23

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the big picture
Im selling 4046
Still have my buy scalp order active tho
missed by one point on the sell! order cancelled cause if they push back up they will take it much higher.
Well, as stated at the start, i`d rather do buy scalps today than shorts . ready to try again . I`ll be a buyer at 4043, knowing it might go 5 points lower
Im adjustung the buy scalp to 4044.50... Maybe it hits, but im probably too late
long a couple from 4044.50. good entry. This could be good as they work higher this afternoon in anticipation of Apple`s earnings?
IM gonna hold for a while hoping to exit both at 4064 (and expecting higher)
I almost pulled the trigger there but didnt....
I still believe we will see higher ,in time
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current ticks
4075-78 should the next resistance