ES 2-1-23

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missed a nice long by 5 ticks...sigh!... watching
probably nuts ,but im selling 4080
ticks black avg remains above zero... im gonna need a lot of help from ticks soon! Short from 4080
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ticks now
so far so good, but i will take a quick exit at 4072 if they let me
Well i got the help i needed! Out with 8 points on each ,now up 26 on the day ..Watching....
Got the hwlp i needed, black avg now below zero!
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ticks chart
I hope they go all the way to 4062.. id be a buyer there ,but be aware of the upcoming Fed announcement and meeting!
Missed by 4 ticks sheese...watching
I want to be out by the 2:00pm anouncement, but i will try one last buy scalp if it goes to 4060.75
and dead... learned my lesson c ya tomorrow