ES 2-8-23

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Ok, after some nervous moments ,that worked out well.. exited 4134.50 for 10 more points on each...
We should see 4121 here... see how were well on the way to a bearish engulfing bar on the big picture daily chart? It will depend on the close of course
IF they can push it closer to the lower 5 min regression line at 4116 i will try a quick buy scalp. It could over run to 4113 but i`ll` try 4116.
This could carry to 4144.50 , but im not interested in a long up here
leaving my buy scalp order on for now, but i will also sell 4142.50
All orders cancelled.. looks like i missed my short by a couple ticks..Too bad.
Have to leave for an hour or so... back later
Resistance is at 4155-58.. That may be the next pause...Gotta go,see you in one hour
Ticks are constuctive right now ,black avg around plus 400..... but will it last?
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current ticks
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afternoon update
Ticks black avg is now back below zero. This late in the day, that is negative !
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ticks now