ES 2-10-23

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globex action
long a couple from 4168.50, not sure of an exit yet
I have strong indications she wants 4156, so i`ll cover soon if not stopped out and definitely buy 4156.25
well, i covered at 4165.50 for a loss of 4 on each ...waiting
selling 4168.50
I missed that short, but thats ok .. If it goes to 4165 i`ll sell but if it hits 4156 i`ll buy . I intend to keep the plan untill around 8:45 am est. Then i1ll cancell
wow, we`re at 4170 after i posted so i took it . Short a couple from 4170.25
well thats why i hate holding for the open..stopped for a loss of 10 at 4180.25... I will keep trying the short side. Next try at 4190
buying 4153
change of strategy, short term buying 4175
Ticks went sky high and now tanking
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ticks closing