ES 3-3-23

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Going to buy 4008.50, but its risky cause ticks look to be heading toward zero ..still plus 300 now
Fed speak starting
This almost smells like a small sell scalp at 4018-19
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midday update
And off she runs , to 4033-38
Avg daily range is now satisfied
I will still buy a pullback to 4022.75
Have to leave for an hour... main objective is now 4038-41.50...c ya
Bingo!!! Back by 2:15pm
Back and the song remains the same... i think we probably mish mash for a while , but coming off of a major low, you have to gve preference to the bulls . i had 4033 as a buy when i left but it missed by 4 ticks
See what happens when ticks are strong all day? Only once getting down to plus 170 , never hitting zero... Thats what a major low looks like.
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screenshot 2023 03 03 151331