ES weekend update 4-7-23

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april 2023
A couple of key things to keep in mind: The tendency seasonally is for the market to be up thru April until late April -early May. Ater which, it should have a nice decline into late May as the 20 week cycle trough is made. The top for the 20 week cycle is due this week. Also there is a 13-14 day cycle top which is due Monday. Its been there since Dec.2022 . Count for yourself and you`ll see. Another interesting thing is Mon-Tues is the .618 fib of the entire bear market from 1-4-22 to Octobers low. Should be a turning point at least temporarily. So as i remain very bullish for a few more weeks, The decline from 4071 may or may not have been completed yet. We never hit my minimum target at 4988.50-93 and really should have carried even further. We only missed my target by 3.5 handles so maybe my opinion is biased by ego. Seasonals are down for Monday.
Just for fun! This somewhat mirrors my own opinions:
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spx hurst cycles
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globex opening
Long here from 4140.00.exit to be at 4149 since i think it goes a couple points higher
Using a 6 point stop to start
stopped and waiting for early morning
You have to keep in mind that today is my cycle high but is a historically and seasonally down day. It is possible the 4146.75 high achieved at the end of holiday trading i(considered part of Monday) is the cycle peak. i would have guessed 4162-5 but we will just have to see.
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globex action
Had an order to buy at 4106.50. It hit me but no fill.. order cancelled.
i`ll be a seller at 4107
Too late again! watching